The Signature Headshot

This is not your ordinary headshot. Because there is nothing ordinary about you.

My signature headshot session features you as the star. We can keep it simple and faster than a full branding session. But don't let those facts fool you - we'll create magic, you and I, without the extra coordination of people, places and things.

What makes it signature is the element I bring to make every session fun while capturing your personality.

The Brand Experience

Let's take that headshot up a notch.

Elevate your presence through visual storytelling with a custom brand photoshoot.

First, we start with a Design + Concept consultation by phone or email. By diving into your brand a little deeper we can create a photoshoot tailored to you and your business. After that we just need to find a time and place (not sure of locations? No prob! I have plenty of ideas)

Where can we find you working? What do you love to do in your free time? The variety of images can be used across your website, your marketing, your social media, your newsletter - you get the idea ;) We can capture all of the details. This is your chance to showcase...

Your Vibe.

Let your personality shine through. The perfect chance to showcase your client experience - how it feels to work with and what can they expect. Show us the process.

Your Things.

Maybe your 'thing' is a Macbook and an iced Caramel Machiatto. Maybe it's a gorgeous handmade clutch sourced from vintage materials. Get cohesive product photos!

Your Element.

The coffee shop where you get the most work done. Your brick and mortar with you behind the til. The home-based hair salon. This is your domain.

Your People.

Whether thats your clients, your business partner or your furry side kick. Better yet, bring all three!