Hi. I'm Kristy.

Nope, I don't have one of those magical stories where I came shooting film straight out of the womb. But it's hard to believe that I've been behind the lens for a decade now! In 2018, I bought my Canon Rebel and signed up for a Digital SLR 101 course in my new 'hood. My cousin asked me to take some family photos for her - to which I obviously said: "ummm, No!"

Putting the fear aside, I changed my mind and said "Okay, I'll do them for free so if they suck you can't get mad" (side note: they actually turned out pretty decent)

We all know that photographs preserve memories. But almost immediately into my journey, meeting a 'model' from Craigslist made it clear that I wanted my images to also tell stories, share powerful messages and cultivate awareness. (Full story to come..)

My specialty is making all that fun at the same time.

xo Kristy